Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Princess Di dossier vanishes

What a wreck. The car and the case are kaput. Wanted: A three foot high stack of files pertaining to the paparazzi pursuit of the Princess of Wales, that blonde icon who famously was killed in a tunnel a decade ago. Whether these vital papers were misplaced or stolen, it is a huge blunder for the Parisian police and will make it practically impossible to tie up all loose ends in their investigation of the world's most notorious car crash.

Already, this lapse is fueling conspiracy theories bigtime. Whodunnit indeed. Bring on Inspector Jacques Clouseau. Six thousand pages is a helluva lot of paperwork to chase.

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princess Di-arrhea said...

is this why the authorities opened an inquiry in the UK ten years after? Or is it cuz the boys are now men and can take the nasty implicaitons of their mum's life in stride? Will we ever know why Di died. I think it was a stupid accident. But surely she was a victim of us feral beasts as well as of her own mania for publicity