Friday, September 28, 2007

japanese journalist shot dead by the military in burma

A 50 year old cameraman, Kenji Nagai, was gunned down in the Rangoon street while covering the protests. Many more are believed killed, although the junta admits only to nine deaths and is moving to suppress media reports by cutting mobile phone and internet connections.


Anonymous said...

Click here for a Burmese exile blog out of India -- brave, current reporting. They mention that Than Shwe may have whisled his family into exile in Laos (a Burmese plane was spotted there.)

Horrible about Kenji being murdered live on tv by point blank gunfire. I am glad you showed the longer newsclip which shows the journalist as a man not just as a corpse. Yeah Feralbeast.

Saffron Strand said...

Jeez,why do we label these revolutions with brandnames like some detergent. The monks are brave. But, has anyone else noticed that the monks in Burma don maroon or red robes and the nuns wear pink? There is not much saffron to be seen, and the scene at Shwedagon and Sule is far from mellow yellow. This is as daft as calling the coup in Bangkok last year the "Silk Revolution". Headline writers are so glib.

Note also that joining the 'clergy' is a requirement--almost all Burmese men do a short stint as a monk as part of religious upbringing. Just as Thais do. There is a lot of cultural misunderstanding in the reporting.
Maybe it is because the hournalists mostly are in Thailand, not inside Burma.

Izzy Bee said...

500,000 people have viewed the footage, and many are outraged. The APF wants to collect the final footage shot by their man in Rangoon.,137877-c,currentevents/article.html