Saturday, September 15, 2007

Is Maureen Dowd a Throwback?

Is Maureen Dowd a “progressive” columnist? We can’t imagine why we’d say that. We’ve read her carefully over the years, and it seems to us that she rarely expresses an actual view on any political or policy matter. Instead, she dithers and dallies on matters of trivia, voicing a range of utterly pointless and utterly predictable observations. And she’s largely an equal opportunity fool; she has criticized Gore’s bald spot and Giuliani’s comb-over alike. In short, Dowd isn’t progressive, or centrist, or conservative. More than anything, Dowd is a non-political throwback. She captures the fatuous world of the 50’s “women’s page,” in which the writer was allowed to opine about the hats at the recent parade. She rages out from this small, stupid world, but it’s the world she’s selected.
From the Daily Howler


Dan the Man said...

I disagree. She expresses lots of snarky commentary, and some witticisms, and does some actual reporting. I always look fwd to her punditry and think she is one of a kind. Progressive? Yeah, why not? Unique even.
Love the graphic. Emma Peal-ing

Razel said...

I find her more depressive than "progressive".
"dithers and dallies on matters of trivia", what better fits the stereotype of an always chattering woman with nothing of importance of her mind? she's not exactly do much to improve women's lib is she?
As for Emma Peel, there's no comparison. Mrs Peel was a perfect equal to John Steed, helping him out of scrapes as much as her did for her and often showed him up with her intellectual knowledge. Dowd wouldn't have stood a chance against a cybernaut.