Friday, August 17, 2007

Scary Ware-y

The Huffington Post runs a long piece about the prescience of Mick Ware, the outspoken Australian war reporter who jumped from Time magazine's Baghdad bureau to CNN news.

For an Antepodian hack in a flakjacket, he's about as good as they come. The guy challenges spin (and ridiculed John McCain's protected shopping spree at a Baghdad souk). He has consistently reported tight action with flare, and has never sugarcoated complicated outcomes. Ware's insurgent sources around Baghdad keep him pessimistic, which is out of synch with the cheerleaders of this occupation. Mike Drudge attempted to smear him as a drunk.

Still, the Feral Beast did a doubletake at Huffington's headline. At first glance,it seemed to read "The Scary Presence of Mick Ware"...which, given Ware's oft-broken nose and maniacal expressions which are less than telegenic, did not come as a surprise.It seemed a tad mean, however. It's crucial to cut out the lip-glossed understatements repeated from government press conferences, and get the grit on the war from guys like Mick.


Sad Sack Hack said...

So who cares about Ware's nose? It's not as broken or as unsightly as the face of Iraq. And Ware tells it the way that it is. Ware takes risks and gets the story, whether it's Iran's machinations in Iraq (while the US military looks the other way) or the death squads that have sprung up under US auspicies.

Glenda of Oz said...

thats the way Aussie blokes look if they are boxers and rugger players (Mick was both). He has a huge fan base in AUstralia