Tuesday, August 14, 2007

OJ Simpson's confessional book to be resurrected by victim Ron's family

O.J. Simpson apparently has cinched a deal to publish "If I Did It," Fox News reports. That's the notorious book which was slated for release last year and then canceled after negative public reaction. Judith Regan,an editor at HarperCollins publishing, lost her career after pitching this dubious memoir in which O.J. spells out step by step how he would have murdered his ex-wife Nicole and Ron Goldman if he had indeed committed the crimes for which he was found "100 per cent not guilty" back in 1995.
The one-time pro football player was forced to pull the plug on publication of this weird "hypothetical confessional" genre late last year, after the public held its collective nose at the stench of his opportunism.

But in July, a federal bankruptcy judge transferred O.J.'s book rights to the murder victim Goldman's family. The judge reckoned it would help cover the enormous $33.5m debt Simpson still owes them after losing a wrongful-death suit in the civil court. The Goldman family located a savvy LaLa land literary agent, Sharlene Martin, who inked the publishing deal. Incredibly, this tasteless book is about to be launched, this time with the Goldmans' commentary woven around the original manuscript. No guarantees that the book will be as rivetting as helicopter footage of cops chasing a lone white bronco SUV on Los Angeles freeways.
"If it doesn't fit, you must acquit," Johnnie Cochran used to rap in the courtroom. Hmmm. "And git some profit..." he might have added. Ghouls will not be denied their celebrity crime fix, and huge sales are expected.
Portions of the profits will benefit the Ron Goldman Foundation for Justice;
fuller details later today. WHich publisher will sink this low to rake in this much? Watch this space.


Sad Hack said...

Enough OJ. You have three mugshots of him on your blog. Ease up, you beast.

Izzy Bee said...

OK-last post on this sorry volume. The sister of Nicole Brown, the murderer's other victim, leads the call for a boycott on this new book. A small publisher, Beaufort Press, will bring it out in a few months.