Monday, August 13, 2007

AdAge rips 'Tough Issue'

Nothing beats "British dentistry" for enough jagged edges to rip up a supposedly indestructible advert. The teaser for a macho film release, which will be an insert inside the next edition of the lad rag Maxim, claims that no violent guy can wreck it with his bare hands. But two jovial lads over at AdAge rose to the challenge.
Advertising inside the upcoming Maxim magazine features "The Condemned," starring Stone Cold Steve Austin ("10 People Will Fight ... 9 Will Die.") The brash claim that this ad couldn't be physically destroyed caught the attention of Ken Wheaton and his rather wimpier editor, Jonah Bloom. Running in Maxim's "The Tough Issue," which hits US newsstands Sept. 20,
the ad is supposedly printed on special tough-guy paper and can't be torn or ripped by mere mortals.
Watch the Adage segment. It really tears Austin up.

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