Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Condi mutates into sports reporter?

If the snarky comments are any indication, the former secretary of state Condi Rice has raised some hackles with her latest effort for Tina Brown's Daily Beast, particularly from leftists who have contempt for Meghan McCain's ramblings and little patience for Republicans in general. But actually, the odd golf article was rather above par, especially considering what a newcomer Rice is to the game. (Last summer she admitted to the WashPo how gripped she is by the National and with Tigerrrrr. Freelance hackdom is a pretty tight playing field, and one wonders if RIce has resorted to gratis citizen journalism.

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section9 said...

Oh, criminey, the Left isn't as pissed at Meghan as the Right is: we can tell that the little lady is angry at Sarah Palin for outshining her and her dad.

As for the fever swamp's reaction to this mildly Noonesque golf article? Color me unsurprised. A bit of praise for poor Fuzzy Zoeller and they are already calling into question Condi's blackness because of Zoeller's Fried Chicken remarks after Wood's 1997 Masters' victory.

The article was crisp and reasonably well written for a non-journalist. Which means that a blogger didn't write it.