Monday, May 19, 2008

Rebekah Wade ready for Wall Street?

Sun sensitive editor
Not quite

There's only one woman whose entrance into Wall Street Journal's newsroom in New York could cause such a stir. That's right - flame-haired Sun editor Rebekah Wade apparently caused quite a stir when she appeared on the newsroom floor in the Journal's New York headquarters earlier this week. Excited reporters unfamiliar with Wade's pedigree immediately googled her name and may have feared all the rumours about new boss Rupert Murdoch radically changing the paper's editorial mix were true. But they can rest easy - Monkey understands that Wade was just making a social visit to ex-Times editor and now Journal publisher Robert Thomson and her boss Rupert. But Wade's appearance in New York will do nothing to quell rumours that she will leave the Sun for a new management job before the end of the year. (source: Guardian Media Monkey )

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