Monday, July 2, 2007

Sicko-phancy mars the Daily Show

Moore was bumped off CNN's Larry King show by Paris Hilton last week, but still looms large on talk show radar after appearances on Letterman, the View, and the Daily Show. Truthdig screens a droll exchange on health care blues between Jon Stewart, the Daily Show cynic, and the "Sicko" director, Michael Moore. Stewart appears a tad sicko-phantic as he jaws away with the shambolic blue-collar, white-bread uber-iconolast from Motown. Visibly less obese now, Moore's been learning medical tips on the docu-trail after shooting 500 hours of medical muddles. The recently released film had a mixed reception from critics; there are some rather cheap shots, like the Gitmo gotcha tactic. E for effort and fierceness of approach.

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