Thursday, July 26, 2007

Digital tampering- altering images

Photographic evidence may not always be worth the proverbial thousand words, but it carries alot of clout in the publishing world. (In the digital age, regulations may soon ensure that only original unenhanced images from a memory card be allowed in a courtroom.) Lately, bloggers have put themselves increasingly on Photoshop abuse alert to play gotcha with news photgraphers who might be tempted to doctor photos. This temptation certainly is easier to carry out with new technology, but enhancing photos, airbrushing, or cropping is almost as old as journalism. Check out this website, which shows a history of photo manipulation, starting with Civil War- era pix of Abraham Lincoln which put his famous craggy face on a decidedly buffer body. They have developed a range of tools to detect darkroom/ computer hocus pocus. It's very useful for editors to review these warning signs. (That infamous altered image of Honest Abe is shown above.)

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