Friday, February 17, 2012

Why the Feral Beast is going into Hibernation


Shudder. We guess it's bound to be like News of the Screws redux as the old Dingo dodges another crisis. Never mind that the former prime minister's wife is suing for being wiretapped. Nonetheless,
...Murdoch Tries to Reassure Staff After Arrests

This media news, coupled with the untimely death of Tony Shadid, the NYT's wisest Middle East correspondent, makes this beast dismayed and disheartened.

For awhile at least, bye bye 

They just keep falling. We abhor the targeted killing of Marie Colvin, the veteran Sunday Times war reporter, in Homs, where she died, together with French photographer Remi Ochlik, and at least 60 others shelled by the Syrian army that day. Very hard to take this in.

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