Friday, May 21, 2010

Canuck tweets while Bangkok burns

/> The photo above courtesy of Kees

Is this a good idea? Tweeting while Bangkok burns... Mark MacKinnon, an earnest Canadian journalist from the Globe & Mail, breezed in from Beijing and might have been more alert to the nuances of the situation in Thailand if he weren't thumbing his blackberry every few minutes. The chaos unfolded right outside the Foreign Press Association (at Chidlom station on the fabled skytrain) and more and more, one of Asia's great capitals looks ripe for revolution, especially if the revered King expires. Still, in retrospect it's instructive to see the chaos unfold in real time, and the rumors affirmed or supplanted. MacKinnon even photo-tweets during an ambulance ride!
(hat tip to Kees for final photo; middle one tweeted by Mark MacKinnon.

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