Friday, April 9, 2010

Time to go for Karen Tumulty, who shifts to WashPost

Washington insider, Karen Tumulty, is moving on from TIME mag. . She promises to keep slog-blogging in SWAMPLAND, on, despite her impending move back to the Washington Post. See her farewell post, plus a good discussion underway from her fans,trolls and miscellaneous wingnuts and moonbats. Click here for her personal note. Hat tip to Romenesko for the link.
I liked best the effusive comment form "paradox", prior to Karen's departure. She covered tumultuous times for Time, after all.

I will miss your blogging, mostly for its integrity. You always reported both sides of the story as honestly as possible and if you had an opinion in the matter you described that seperately. You took your stories much more seriously than your opinions. As G K Chesterton observed."The reason angels can fly is because they take themselves lightly." May you continue to soar.

Good Luck and Godspeed

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