Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Standards fall in celebrity reporting of Natasha Richardson's health crisis

The 'Ghost of Edward Murrow' scolded a NY publication for crass and premature obit of Natasha Richardson, 45 and just taken off life support, according to the Lost Boy blogger:
“Time Out’s credibility was declared brain dead today. The site suffered a horrific fall when rushing to get the scoop on the personal tragedy of a fine actress and her family, and according to anyone with a clue, will not recover.”

Fox News Network also got a tongue lashing for their intrusive coverage, which was hardly fair and balanced... ghoulish is more like it.
This Feral Beast doubts that the actress's brain damage was caused by "a freak ski accident" or could have been avoided by wearing a helmet on the bunny slope. Let's await professional medical opinion from a physician who has examined her, if the family chooses to make this public. It is possible that the fall on the slopes was caused by something like an aneurysm in the brain, which soon manifested as a severe headache and then coma.
Too sad.

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