Thursday, January 8, 2009

'Joe the Plumber' on his way to Gaza

Wrenching news. Joe the Plumber is gonna take your job. Foreign correspondents are shaking their heads in disbelief.

Yup, that trend of celebrity reporting has hit a new low. A notable numb skull from Ohio, who was personally addressed 23 times in the presidential debates, now is volunteering for a rather nasty task. He says he's coming to Israel for a ten-day stint of amateur war reporting in the waning days of the Republican regime.

"[I'll] go over there and let their average joes share their story," said
Joe the Plumber. He'll make the call on good guys vs bad guys for for the conservative website Right. Better he fix the sewage problems of the blighted Gaza Strip.

Samuel J Wurzelbacher, dubbed America's most famous plumber since Watergate by McClatchy's Middle East Correspondent, famously told Fox news "a vote for Obama is a vote for the death of Israel," despite Obama's speech to AIPAC pledging friendship to the Jewish Nation. The celebrity hack aims to tell "Joe Six-Packs" what they want to hear. Well, Sean Penn reported from Iraq for the SF Chronicle, and Bono edited a "red edition" of the London Independent. Ben Affleck reported on the Congo situation for Time Magazine. SO maybe now it's time for this airhead to go on air, apparently.

Do American viewers understand the difference between fame and notoriety?
Do they care? The Feral Beast wagers that he won't get accredited or go any further than the standard celeb tour of Sderot taken by Mayor Bloomberg.
Perhaps Joe, the unlicensed plumber and unaccredited war correspondent, just might get to the bottom of things. Don't hold your breath.

(Hat tip to Checkpoint Jerusalem for this startling news.)

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sarah said...

Fuck this wannabe and tell us what is really happening